Food Tech Startup Incubation

FTRIC is one of its kind pioneer incubator focused primarily on young food tech startups. we provide all-rounded services , including expert mentorship in product devolopment, R&D, and business pitch delivery

The incubation centre aims to mould your ideas to successful investment-worthy business ventures that can seek funding from either our in house investors or external VC firms

Our team of industry experts ensures your startup goes through a streamlined scaling process according to your needs and requirements 

We have experts from various domains, including confectionery, agritech, FMCG, and nutraceutical. These experts have industry experience of more than 25 years and have worked with multi-million dollar food companies in senior positions

Let us nourish this world together!

To Aid Food Ideologists, We Look Deep Into The Science Behind The Idea And Blend It To Engineer A Solution.

* Join our upcoming cohort to stand a chance to be among the Top 10 startups that we shall provide with world-class mentor-ship and access to our innovation labs.

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