Milk And Milk Products

Course Duration: 4 months (Hybrid)

Explore the colossal scope of Milk and Milk Products with this programme at FTRIC. Milk is an integral part of our lives. Through this programme, one goes through training where they are able to get trained on product development. Different kinds of milk to dairy bi-product are so deeply ingrained in our daily lives that dairy is here to stay. Over 83 million metric ton of milk is consumed by Indians annually. We can see the unlimited scope of dairy as an industry through this. Milk has unlimited potential and is used to elevate numerous dishes, flavor and is often the primary component of show-stealer dishes during festivals or events. Indians have historic cultural ties with the consumption of milk and dairy products. The market is vast and is open to numerous possibilities.

The course comprises of online, offline, and practical classes with 30% theory, 40% practical, and 40% as a project. Those who complete any 6 courses within a year are awarded a Diploma Certificate.

We provide you with a well-crafted curriculum to understand the industrial aspects of manufacturing. The classes commenced will be practical-oriented and will encourage students to do individual projects. Well elaborated live demonstration of production. Real case studies and analyses are supported. Job assistance provided for needed candidates. We also provide Internship opportunities in renowned food establishments.

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