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Product Development & Food Product Innovations

Need a hand in developing a product and introducing it to the market? Wondering how to capitalise on a new product with advanced tech?

Want to create unique customised products according to consumer preferences?

Consumer demands and expectations are evolving continuously, and retailers always need new products to meet these demands. Creative innovation is the lifeblood of this industry. The unparalleled expertise of our Research and Development team tailors product solutions and dynamic innovations according to your vision and goals. From ideation to commercialization, we undertake all the aspects of food product development and innovations.

Food Industry Project Consultancy

Looking for someone to help you find the right path to management solutions? Need solutions to smoothen your operations?
Wondering how to make your product stand out in the food sector?

Better management strategies build a better organisation. Our food industry specialists, food experts, and food engineers help with their specialised expertise in enhancing your business. We educate you on a wide range of topics in the industry with our well-trained professionals and assist you in smoothening the operations to launch an outstanding product.


Food Product Nutritional Labelling

Do you know how important a food product label is ?

Accurate information about calories and nutrients in each intake is vital to building trust and licensing products. Proper and appropriate details help the customer learn more about the product you are serving in the market. We provide nutritional labelling services for your products with nutrition declaration and supplementary nutrition information.

Food Analysis & Testing

Do you want to make sure whether the product you have in hand is safe to consume? Need a hand in analysing and developing your product?

Ensuring that the food is safe to consume is essential for the ecosystem. Developmental study and application of different food and constituents are a significant part of the food industry, leading to more analytical studies and inventions. Educating consumers with the correct information is the key to success in the sector. 

fat analyzer, spectrophotometer, texture analyzer, rheology, colorimeter, Kjeldhal apparatus, Calorie meter, nutrition analysis and accelerated shelf life study.

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External R&D Support For Food Startups

Do you need a technical hand in innovating your food product?

Innovative ideas and strategic research are the way to more developments and critical changes in the industry. Startups are the most crucial building block in the sector.
More helping hands on the research and development of budding organisations can create a gigantic makeshift in the industry. Our team of scientists and food experts are always excited to extend their support to budding startups looking to innovate and create a paradigm shift in the food industry.

Shelf-Life Study & Quality Improvement

Want to improve the production quality of your food product? Ever wonder what makes food taste good?

Assessing food product quality and hygiene standards gives a clear draft of the life of products you are introducing to the market. The physical, chemical, and microbiological analysis provides a better view of the durability of each product under different atmospheric conditions. The better the product ingredients, the better is the quality and taste of the products. From further analysis to acquire the shelf-life span of the products to significant suggestions for food quality improvement, we help you in providing the best products in the industry.

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